Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We Are Still Here

So, having a toddler and an infant apparently make it harder to blog consistently. That's what I'm telling myself, anyway. And then I remembered that a post doesn't have to be long or involved or eloquent or interesting, though that last one helps, I suppose.

It doesn't have to be timely, either, which is why I'm posting some pics from mid October, from our annual trip to the Avila Valley Barn pumpkin patch with the Rookses. We've been getting pumpkins there every year since there were just four of us. Now there are eight, and it's so fun to see the girls rummaging through the leaves, searching for pumpkins to take home. (You can see more colorful results at Hattie's blog.)

Is more blogging more frequently on the horizon? Yeah, sure. Believe what you want.


Gombojav Tribe said...

I just took all my kids to the Avila Valley Barn, too. I love that place!

E said...

Apparently checking other people's blogs comes more infrequently as well once you have another kid!

Don't worry, you are tied with us on the amount of blogging that's been done since #2 came around. Speaking of that, let's get these babes together soon before they enroll in Kindergarten!!